The Secrets to Picking Your Newsletter Niche

Bring me to your ideas…

What’s that, I hear? You want to start a newsletter?

Well, that sounds easy and fun. We were young and naive once too. The thing is, the starting line is full of traps, obstacles, tricks & tom foolery for those who aren’t prepared.

Let’s save you some of the heartache on figuring out what your two little happy hands are going to be tappety-tapping about over the next days, weeks, months, years.

I want to start a newsletter, BUT ABOUT WHAT?

The fame, the fortune, the newsletter subscribers. All tantalizing but alas, how do you make sure what you will write about is what the people want to hear?

First of all, we have a model to determine if your newsletter can go paid and become sustainable. Here’s our two cents:

Ask yourself if you have the Three C’s: Curious + Crowd + Cash. Simple rule of thumb: if you don’t have all three, don’t do it. That’s our advice. If you do have them, you might just have yourself a winner.


  1. What am I curious about that I'd like to write about?
  2. Remember to grow you need consistency (the fourth c) of posting at least weekly for a year. Ya better like the subject.
  3. What do I already write about? Think about? Pay for things on even though I make no money or impact from it?
  4. Look at your cc statement, look at how you spend your weekends.
  5. Finally, is anyone curious about YOUR opinions on the subject


  1. Where is another crowd of humans intrigued as well?
  2. Are there subgroups who are equally as obsessed or curious about your topic?
  3. A great way to check is facebook groups. Are there groups full of 10’s or 100’s of thousands of people talking about knitting? Then you probably have a viable audience.


  1. Do you already spend money on this topic?
  2. I like to look at if it’s something I spend at least $100 a year on? If so I can steal that $100 a year perhaps for my newsletter on the subject.
  3. Then think about others; How can I help your subscribers make cash or have a group that is already spending on my topic?
  4. If you get into business, finance, making money the profits can be infinitely higher. Why? There is an ROI on your newsletter.

Lastly - think about who you want to do it with. As with anything in life, you are more likely to continue and succeed with a bud. That’s why accountability buddies work, why AA sponsors work, why investors like to see two founders.

Grow Getters started because I (Codie) wrote out how I got my first 10k subscribers at Contrarian Thinking and people loved it, but it didn't fit with my niche (important) on my other newsletter. Which is all about contrarian thinking and how to profit unconventionally weekly. So I thought, there's something here - but I can’t do it alone. Then asked myself, who do I know who knows more than I do on this? Enter Ilona and Olman... and once Olman came up with the name and Ilona the logo, we were off to the races.

SO THIS WEEK we have an offer for you. If you want to dive deeper, if you want our help, comment below your newsletter ideas, questions etc.

We will respond to any and all questions and help you narrow down from meh to uhhh can you sign me up for that???

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Last week we had 2,100 this week 2,212. So 112 new subscribers. Bit by bit baby!

Grow Onto Others,

Ilona, Codie, & Olman

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