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What is a newsletter directory?

Newsletter directories are basically aggregations of (mostly) interesting newsletters. Some are curated, some are just aggregations.

Why should you list your newsletter on a directory?

Discoverability: Unlike social media, there is no algorithm that can propose prospective subscribers your newsletter - maybe Substack will get there, but until now this is not the case. So directories are a actually the only way for people, who are interested in new newsletters to find yours.

Backlinks: Newsletter directories give you backlinks to your website, which increases the ranking and searchability of your website.

Constant flow: As directories feature your newsletter constantly, you get a constant flow of new subscribers to your newsletter, WITHOUT.MOVING.A.FINGER.

So, without further ado, her it is:

The unsorted:

The sorted:

The curated:

So, don't wait any longer, list your newsletter at one (or some, or all) of the above newsletters. If you have any additional directories to add, please let me know.

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